Discipleship Groups

This July, forty-five youth, eight chaperones, one college youth leader, the youth ministry coordinator and the associate pastor from SVdP had an opportunity to attend the Steubenville Mid-America Conference in Springfield, MO. One of the results of the small faith sharing groups that met through the weekend was the obvious need to create Discipleship Groups that will continue to meet throughout the year.

Our Discipleship Groups will focus on strengthening the key influential relationships in the lives of teenagers: parents, peers, and other caring adults. The best method to meet the fundamental needs of teenagers is to create an environment where they are known and loved. That environment is a small group of friends, led by caring adult mentors, who trust one another and meet regularly.

A proven method of helping teenagers own their faith is to introduce content and thought-provoking discussion questions into a small group that has established trust and transparency. A transformative environment is one where testimony and faith sharing is practiced. The faith becomes relevant when teenagers see how it applies to their daily lives and they feel supported in living it.

Contact Mr. Nespor in the Youth Ministry Office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 402.493.1642 to find out how your child can get involved in a group.

Contact Information

Name: Steve Nespor
Phone: (402) 496-7988
Email: nespors@svdpomaha.org