Phone Apps for Your Spiritual Nourishment

A few years ago, we began the ministry of a Parish App to provide both the connection to parish and spiritual nourishment for our parishioners on their digital devices.    As our parish website as been redesigned and has become mobile friendly,  a large majority of features on the parish app were being duplicated and done better on the parish website.    On top of this, over the past three years, a tremendous number of “Catholic Apps” have been developed that provide a vast array of content that reaches far more than we could do as a parish.

On our new parish website, there is a section called “Spiritual Nourishment”.   This will include various articles, videos and original SVDP content.    However, many find it useful to have many other of the many apps available for your Spiritual Growth.    Today we share a few of those with you.

Laudate App:   This is considered one of the best of Catholic Apps.   It provides you with Daily Mass Readings, Reflections, Rosary, Confession Examination, a Bible, access to the Catechism and many Catholic Podcast.     Android   iPhone

 iBreviary:  The Liturgy of the Hours is the prayer of Psalms throughout the day.   This is prayed by every priest and deacon but is also meant to be prayed by the entire Church!    This app includes the Liturgy of the Hours and Mass Readings and prayers.   Android  iPhone

ThePopeApp:    Pope Francis has his own app.    He’s that cool.   This includes reflections and writings from Pope Francis as videos and quick access to his famous Tweets!   Android   iPhone

Pray As You Go:   This app is full of daily reflections in PodCast audio.   Leads through guided meditations and lectio of the scriptures!    This is a great app for prayer!    Android   iPhone


US Catholic Church:  Official App of the USCCB.   Good resource for prayers and daily readings.  Also gives you many headlines and Catholic News.    Android    iPhone