Lenten Mission - March 5, 6 and 7

Fr. Michael Sweeney, O.P, Co-director of the Catherine of Siena Institute, will be this year’s speaker for our Lenten Mission. His theme will be It is Not Naive to Believe!  Are we naive to believe —as many in our culture seem to think?  Jesus tells us that the work that we are to do is to believe.  What sort of “work” is believing? Why should we believe Jesus?  How do we believe each other?

To believe is to trust what someone reveals, and we must have reasons for trusting. What are the reasons that we can trust what Jesus said and did?  (How, for that matter, do we decide to trust anyone?)  In these conferences we will look at the “gestures” of Jesus (not just what he did, but how he related to others, not just what he taught but how he taught).  We will contrast wonder and doubt and suggest that disbelief is the sin that we must overcome in all of our relationships.
Monday, March 5:  How Can This Be? 
•    9:00 am
•    7:00 pm
Tuesday, March 6: The Gestures of Jesus
•    9:00 am
•    7:00 pm with Communal Reconciliation
Wednesday, March 7: The Teachings of Jesus
•    8:15 am Celebration of Mass with Mission Homily
•    7:00 pm Celebration of Mass with Mission Homily

All mission sessions will be held in the church.  Registration is not required unless childcare is needed for younger children. Contact Bonnie at 402-493-1642 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or to sign-up for childcare.

Ordained in 1979, Fr. Michael has served as both a university chaplain and a pastor in a parish setting, Father Michael's chief interest is the mission of the Church to the world. This requires, he notes, an understanding of the relationships within the Church between the clergy, the laity and parish community and the formation of the laity for their task as apostles. In 1997 he co-founded with Sherry Weddell, a lay woman, the Catherine of Siena Institute, whose purpose is to assist parishes to provide a formation for lay men and women. The Institute has addressed more than 50,000 Catholics throughout North America and Asia.