Ixim Guatemalan Mission

St. Vincent de Paul parish is a member of this Archdiocesan group that provides support, mission education and outreach to the country of Guatemala.

Efforts include mission trips to Guatemala, fundraising, coordinating volunteers with medical expertise, partnering schools and religious education programs between the dioceses, and building community with Guatemalans living in Omaha.

Ixim Mission Trip #14 traveled to the Diocese of HueHuetanango, Guatemala July 12-24, 2017. Two SVdP parishioners participated in the group of 25 missionaries: Jim Holmberg and Renee Kampschneider. On this Mission of Solidarity, the group was educated throughout the trip on the history and realities of life in Guatemala and spent 6 days immersed in that life as they traveled to remote mountain villages (aldeas) of the Diocese. 

Medical clinics were held in three different communities, as well as school visits where fluoride treatments were administered to the school children and team members spent a day of mutual sharing with the teachers and children of each school.  Host families took the missionaries into their humble homes for 4 of the nights.  One day was spent visiting the homes in a village in which families have home water filtration kits.  These simple kits provide 99.99% pure water for these families and give witness to the health benefits that clean water provides! One of the other days, team members did some landscaping work around the building of a new water purification plant (built with funding from Ixim HueHue and Ixim Omaha) in the town of San Miguel Acatan.

For questions, call Mark Zimmer at 402-452-4980 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..    For more information visit the Ixim web site at www.ixim.org.